Combining fine watchmaking, high goldsmithing and the alchemy of liquids,
Dreamboule reinvents the world of high jewelry through
the revolutionary vision of the Fusion of Arts.

The place of experimentations is the Dreamboule Laboratory in Brera, where each creation
is hand-assembled by a coordinated team of master watchmakers, goldsmiths and chemists.
They experiment everyday and challenge their own expertises
to rewrite the codes of luxury.

Dreamboule makes use of a selected and ultra-specialistic network of suppliers
who stand as the excellence for their respective field of industry
to deliver the highest quality ever to each component.

The designer Ben Crocco puts his know-know in watchmaking
to create a new generation of jewels for women and men
who are unafraid to dream.

The components: sapphire crystal, 24k gold flakes, liquid elements, dream scenery, screws and gaskets.

DECORATIVE ELEMENTS enriching the dream scenery are placed on top of the sapphire glass through a two-components technique.
SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL DOME Specially created for Dreamboule after 1 year of research and development, the glass dome is crafted in highly robust natural sapphire crystal, anti-scratch, anti-reflective and with correct index of image distortion. Made in Genève, Switzerland.
GRAND GASKET Fitted gasket in kevlar and caucciù specially manufactured for Dreamboule with highly-precision to one tenth of a millimeter for 100% waterproofness.
PAILLETTES D'OR Impalpable and ultra-light gold flakes of the purest 24k gold alloy move in slow-motion within the jewel. Made in Venice, Italy.
BEZEL Set with full diamonds and precious stones pavé, the bezel is the exuberant embellishment of the dream scenery and is hand-assembled to the ring body through fine watchmaking savoir-faire. Made in Valenza, Italy.

More than 150, the scenery is crafted in 18k gold, diamonds and precious stones and represents the dream and the memory preserved within the jewel. Made in Valenza, Italy.

BASE Multi-faceted, flat, concave or rail cut, the base is a natural stone carefully selected to be the landscape of the dream. Made in Valenza, Italy.
RING BODY Crafted in full 18k gold, 18k gold/titanium or 18k gold/bronze, the ring body is the casket of the dream scenery. Made in Valenza, Italy.
SCREWS AND GASKET Special fitted screws and gaskets for 100% waterproofness. Made in Genève, Switzerland.
RING SPRING The internal 18k gold spring allows the perfect adjustment of the ring size
DREAM SOLUTION Secret liquid formula of special density and neutral to the gold and precious stones, the Dream Solution creates an hushed atmosphere within the jewel. Made in Genève, Switzerland.


The oxygen bubble is the soul of Dreamboule creations and gives life to the magic. The dynamic bubble changes in shape and volume, according to the external conditions of temperature and pressure where the jewel lives. Mutating, the bubble creates reflections of light and shade. It generates a different atmosphere flowing under the sapphire glass, to amaze at every hour of the day, at every season of the year.


Flowing under the sapphire glass, Dreamboule magic liquids
are susceptible to volume variations due to changes of temperature and pressure.
They expand and contract.

The physical phenomenon of the liquid thermal compensation
is controlled by the jewel, thanks to the dynamic bubble plus a secret system hidden into the jewel body.
It directly activates at certain extreme external conditions,
when the dynamic bubble disappears.

The liquid thermal compensation control allows you to wear Dreamboule everywhere, at any condition.


Dreamboule creations feature a double waterproofness.
Not only, as in the Swiss watchmaking, liquids must not infiltrate the luxurious container.
But also and mostly, liquids must not go out.

The waterproofness is ensured by fitted screws and gaskets in white, black and red cablar, specially designed to 100% seals the Dreamboule dreamy worlds within the jewel.

Each creation passes a waterproof test at 3 ATM.


Each Dreamboule creation has a unique Serial Number engraved on the back.
It allows to identify the piece and follow the entire life of the jewel, in order to provide the most accurate and exquisite service of technical assistance.


Dreamboule client can extend the warranty, by registering the Serial Number in the dedicated area on the website, reaching an exceptional warranty of 3 years.


Prodigy of luxury engineering and disruptive innovation, Dreamboule creations are an international registered design, made in Italy. Designed in the Atelier of Brera by Beniamino Crocco, Dreamboule creations are a masterpiece of detail and creativity, a celebration of uniqueness.


Each component is reunited in the laboratory of Brera,
the place where they have been imagined and conceived,
to be assembled by hand.

The assembly is a highly technological stage and requires standardized processes
extremely similar to watchmaking manufactures.

Each creation reveals a technical and artistic treasure at a time,
releasing an extraordinary suggestion of poetry:
a world within a world.


The designer Beniamino Crocco continues the story of pioneering innovation to surprise the universe of luxury.

Gold, diamonds and precious stones combined to caucciù, titanium, sapphire crystal and secret liquid solutions.
Dynamic high jewelry changing and preserving over time.
Poetic and high tech at once.

The story of innovation continues.