the designer

beniamino crocco


Born in Milan, Beniamino Crocco breathes the dynamics of the universe of Haute Horlogerie since childhood, thanks to the influence of his father Carlo, founder of the Swiss maison of Hublot in 1980. Graduated in Industrial Design, Ben decided to remain in the university environment as a university researcher in the communication sector. After this experience he founded “Circus Design” in Milan, a design studio mainly dedicated to furnishing accessories, furnishing and objects. His knowledge of the high Swiss watchmaking leads him to work for notorious watch brands as Watch Designer in both Milan and La Chaux-de-Fonds. 

In 2004 Ben decided to move to the family business in Geneva and lived a key experience while relaunching the Hublot brand thanks to the famous Big Bang model, alongside Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe. In 2008 he returned to Milan, to his beloved Brera with his wife Katerina and inaugurates, Nerone, a boutique selling Hublot watches in addition to jewellery collections offering exclusive high-class and rare craftsmanship and unique pieces that are characterized by the meticulous research of precious materials and combinations, of the Orient and contemporary West.

In 2018 after years of experience, Dreamboule is born. A new and ancient history that combine the knowhow and experience to Beniamino Crocco’s endless imagination. Now a protagonist in the world of beauty.

the laboratory


A Dreamboule ring is the faithful guardian of the most precious value: time.

Every story is cherished by infinite instants of craftsmanship, of small procedures and precious materials. Like the 18k gold, the white G-VSI diamonds (champagne or black), the GIA-certificate solitaires, the natural sapphires, the warm rubies and the imperial faceted jades, the white mother of pearl and the powerful black lava stone.


18 months of study combined with the Swiss watchman heritage to make the crystalline surface of the sapphire glass strong in the substance and light in its iridescent reflections. 90 ours of high craftsmanship to bring to life each magic scenery. 2 intense years of research to obtain the ideal thermal compensation of the liquid inside the transparent heart. 10 month to design the 100% waterproof container for the most secure protection. 300 hours of work and to realize the shining gold 24k paillettes according to the French expertise dating back to 1830. 8 different procedures to create the fascinating slow-motion effect. 7 months to find the alchemical perfection of the liquid that protects each stone. 240 hours and 18 procedures to create and assemble each single ring.

Every microscopic detail enclosed in the Dreamboule boule de neige delivers to the future the exact and wonderful sum of minutes, hours, days, months, years.


The elements

The Swiss Made cabochon of Dreamboule is anti-reflective and scratchproof. Its sapphire glass is highly resistant and holds an exact image distortion index.

A “magic solution” formulated to give a “slow motion” fluid effect to the moving components inside the ring.

Thanks to the researched density of the solution, the colors and shapes of the scenery acquire a new light. Protected by this magic formula, the elements survive the test of time.

The high level of expertise involved in the process from the choice of precious gems, the engineering and mechanical study.

The excellence in the assembly to the ability to preserve the beauty of an intuition enhanced by the search for the complex technical precision and skills all reveal a world of pure excellence.



The phase of cutting gold leaves in small and impalpable flaxes is the true expression of high craftsmanship and an ancient “metier d’art”.




High-quality cut of multicoloured natural sapphires of very generous dimensions.


The tools

In the instant in which all these components are assembled, the dream is born: the space of wonders acquires its own and independent life. Inside we create movements, forms, timeless stories, which we call Dreamboule.

As a true work of art, there are over 18 laborious procedures involved.

In the creation of the Dreamboule ring involving over 240 hours of meticulous craftsmanship.

The context of each Dreamboule scenery is highlighted by the scrupulous selection of each precious stone. We use G-color diamonds with VSI quality only. All our solitaire diamonds are AGI certificate.




the atelier

via Landolfo 1

angolo Piazza del Carmine, Brera