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Turtle, Frog and Ladybug

The patient custodian of time. The ambassador of merry destinies. The witness of future luck. Three souls in unison, three overlapping lives,  a single golden vault to preserve them.


a complex aesthetic of sparkling beauty.

a world


a world


the building of beauty

the intuition

The Dreamboule’s adventure begins one winter evening in a small chalet in the mountains where Ben Crocco spends his Christmas holidays with his wife and three children. Sitting in front of the fireplace, the designer observes the children playing with a boule de neige which catches the magic of the flashes of light and the thousand reflections transmitted in the room. Immediately, his imagination runs to precious metals, to a jewel, a ring, which contains a perfect dream to wear. Dreamboule is the result of high craftsmanship, fine Swiss watchmaking and Italian design.

the watchmaking heritage

The birth of Dreamboule brings with it all the mechanical end of Swiss watchmaking art combined with Italian intuition and design. Ben Crocco, a lover of detail and precision, has created a jewel enhancing the imaginative scenarios and putting them under glass, as if to protect them from the wear and tear of time. Here the inspiration involves the watchmaking experience and imagination becomes research and technological development.

the laboratories

Dreamboule is not just a ring, it’s an intricate world in the making. The high level of expertise involved in the process from the choice of precious gems, the engineering and mechanical study, the excellence in the assembly to the ability to preserve the beauty of an intuition enhanced by the search for the complex technical precision and skills all reveal a world of pure excellence. In Dreamboule, watchmaking and jewellery meet to arrive at a new combination where the mechanics merges with beauty. The creative part of the whole process resides in Milan, in Brera, cradle of emotion and art for centuries. Here the Dreamboule Lab is born, the laboratory where the work of the collectors of the district of Valenza finds fulfilment. Here, in front of Piazza del Carmine, the ring comes to life and becomes that magical example of complex aesthetic and mechanical perfection. Unparalleled and absolute.




 Key Components

 The Dreamboule DNA is comprised from the combination of four key components: Sapphire Cabochon, Dream Solution, Scenery and Paillettes d’Or.

 Sapphire Cabochon

 The Swiss Made cabochon of Dreamboule has a double function: it aesthetically highlights the dream that holds and protects it thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Robustness, correct distortion index, anti-scratch and anti-reflective are the essential qualities of the domed sapphire crystal that required numerous tests before reaching perfection.

 Dream Solution

 After several years of research and development, Dreamboule has created a “magic solution” formulated to give a “slow motion” fluid effect to the moving components inside the ring. In this way the perfect density of the solution creates within the sapphire cabochon a world that has its own metric of time and the frenetic pace of life acquires a dreamlike dimension. In addition to the magical component of the solution, the secret ingredients are used to preserve and protect all components inside the sapphire cabochon.


 Dreamboule has created over 50 sceneries, each with its own precious story within an intimate world. Particular exceptional care is taken regarding the sourcing of the rough stones. The high-quality cut of multicoloured natural sapphires of very generous dimensions (from 31 to 46 carats), faceted and cabochon are uncommon in the current jewellery world. Each stone evokes a different context for the scenery. All Dreamboule diamonds are VS1, color G.

 Paillettes d’Or

Each Dreamboule ring contains delicate golden flakes that create an iconic movement effect within the sapphire cabochon. The production processes of paillettes and poudre are very complex, requiring special skills and a high goldsmith mastery. A unique mix is required to achieve the radiant and timeless light of these delicate gold leaves. The phase of cutting gold leaves in small and impalpable flaxes is the true expression of high craftsmanship and an ancient “metier d’art”. The alloy of paillettes and poudre is in 24K gold, purer than the gold commonly used in the industry.


introducing a few of the rings from our collection





beniamino crocco


Born in Milan, Beniamino Crocco breathes the dynamics of the universe of Haute Horlogerie since childhood. Graduated in Industrial Design, Ben decided to remain in the university environment as a university researcher in the communication sector. After this experience he founded “Circus Design” in Milan, a design studio mainly dedicated to furnishing accessories, furnishing and objects. His knowledge of the high Swiss watchmaking leads him to work for notorious watch brands as Watch Designer in both Milan and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In 2004 Ben decided to move to the family business in Geneva and lived a key experience while relaunching the Hublot brand thanks to the famous Big Bang model, alongside Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe. In 2008 he returned to Milan, to his beloved Brera with his wife Katerina and inaugurates, Nerone, a boutique selling Hublot watches in addition to jewellery collections offering exclusive high-class and rare craftsmanship and unique pieces that are characterized by the meticulous research of precious materials and combinations, of the Orient and contemporary West.

In 2018 after years of experience, Dreamboule is born. A new and ancient history that combine the knowhow and experience to Beniamino Crocco’s endless imagination. Now a protagonist in the world of beauty.

“Change is not possible without a dream as an inspiration”.